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“Simplifiying the Workforce of Admin-Employee-Manager” with help of Technology – EasyWetan.

“EasyWetan” is one of the Application for combining core HR, payroll in one system. Using of “EasyWetan” system, HR professionals and managers can easily track and manage important employee events, such as payrolls, Employee data’s, etc… “EasyWetan” provides all in one HR related activities in single domain.

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SARAGH ERP” a complete Enterprise Resource Planning Application.

“SARAGH ERP” provides all management solution in single Domain.  The User friendly ERP application can managed by anyone – who has basic knowledge on computer .

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SWADAM – (Sweet Water Delivery and Management Application) is one of the compete MIS application for Water billing for Public. The application provides Complete analytical MIS reports, Dashboard and billing route Maps. Management can easily track and analyse complete billing activity with a single domain.

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AIRGRAMA  One of the complete Administrative Information Register for Public and Private sector institutions. AIRGRAMA one of the key part of Grama panchayaths, Muncipal corporations ,City Corporations and many other public and Governmental departmental.          If you interested to see demo of this application please send a message –

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SARAGH BIMS – is a Billing & Inventory Management application  developed for all types of Establishments like Supermarkets, Shops, Textiles, Automobile Shops & many more. User can easily manage their Inventory and billing activities based on GST act. and easily get GST Reports for audit purpose. Application Include sales reports in GST format, Stock Reports, and many more. 

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TEMPLE ERP – one of the complete temples and Religious organaisation Management Solution. This application covers fields like Receipt Management, Employee Management, Devotee Management, Payment Management, Inventory Management, and MIS reports .

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APTA – Ayurvedic Patient Treatment Application

APTA is a user friendly application for maintaining the Patient treatments records.

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“Edu-AMS”(Education Administration Management System) is a complete Education institutions management system. Web based application helps for small and large educational institutions. Application provides real-time student data and teachers and other employees of the organization. Automatic Notification – related student activity of the Application manage and links Students-Parent-Teachers.

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