SAFE – Our one of the main ” Strategy Mantra” . Our Dedicated team handles and takes care about products and services. 


SECURE – Our solutions gives every stage encryption will reduce the security challenges. We take complete responsible for once registered as a Saraghsoft’s Client.


SIMPLE –  We take all the project as a challenge . Output is “Simple”,User friendly Product with “SAFE & SECURE”


SOLID – Our solid service principle help to get  SAFE – SECURE & SIMPLE  applications to user world.

About us

Our Journey begins in the end of 2015. We are the expertise software professional team- develop user-friendly software application to meet ever changing the business requirement.
Our team believe that in the future, the world will consist of various networks. For these networks to co-operate efficiently, we need new functional solutions that enable efficient collaboration and information sharing both within and among organisations and systems. The new solutions enables employees work from anywhere with any devices. These solutions are safe, simple, secured and cost effective. This is the way for increasing the productivity and efficiency.

To deliver output, we using leading edge development technologies and tools.Once delivered our output our team ready to serve for ever.

Our creative and innovative team ready to take projects in different category of sectors.

Saraghsoft Technologies Pvt Ltd is a Software Development Company founded for the purpose of delivering a user friendly software to the world. Our main strategies are Safety, Security, Simplicity and Solidity.




Utility Management System Solutions

Web-based software services, more commonly called cloud computing or Software as a Service (SaaS), are being implemented globally by users in virtually all types of organizations, including manufacturing, government, services, retail, and  utilities. Cloud software services are bringing about rapid and diverse changes to how a  utility operates and how data is used.

Complete ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the latest high-end solution, information technology
has lent to business applications. The ERP solutions seek to streamline and integrate operation processes and information flows in the company to synergise the resources of an
organisation namely men, material, money and machine through information.

"EasyWetan" Payroll Management Application

“Simplifiying the Workforce of Admin-Employee-Manager” with help of Technology – EasyWetan.

“EasyWetan” is one of the Application for combining core HR, payroll in one system. Using of “EasyWetan” system, HR professionals and managers can easily track and manage important employee events, such as payrolls, Employee data’s, etc… “EasyWetan” provides all in one HR related activities in single domain

Co-Operative Banking System Solutions

The core banking system SARAGH CBS has been a successful product on the banking market . SARAGH CBS is a standard banking software which meets the highest requirements set for core banking systems, at the same time incorporating the various strategic orientations within the financial service sector .SARAGH CBS is an integrated complete solution for the processing of financial transactions for loan and deposit banking using all channels of distribution.

Android based spot Billing (E-Collection) Solutions

Automatic meter reading is an Application designed for collecting consumption automatically, and status data from utility meters, Receipt collections and transferring data to a central database for billing.


            WEB based ERP


                 Water Billing MIS 

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   Payroll Management Application

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        School Management Application

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